How can you buy a house if you owe child support?

When you are looking for a house, things can get pretty difficult. If you add the fact that you have child support bill needed to be paid, then that can make things really difficult. Not only will your tax refund be subject to seizure by the IRS, but you may find it difficult to purchase a home. It definitely is not impossible, by any means, but it is rather difficult. First, in order to purchase a house, you would probably need a homeowner's loan issued to you from a bank and/or other creditor. Being able to secure a loan when the creditors know that you are delinquent on paying back debt you already have, they will be very reluctant in issuing you the loan in the first place.If you can prove that you pay the child support bills, and have good enough credit, then securing a loan can be as easy as pie. Really it is the creditors job to make sure they will receive their investment back, but just know that buying a house under this circumstance is definitely possible.

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